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Union Square Media’s primary objective is to increase your customer base with sustainable marketing strategies while feeding back information that helps you make smarter management decisions that will accelerate the growth of your business. We thrive on responsible marketing to bring increase to brand awareness, sales and revenue, and actionable intelligence to further propel your business.

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Marketing Strategy

By working with our clients to create a tailored marketing strategy, USM is able to offer a wide array of solutions for brands and agencies. Beginning with promotional content development, USM helps clients evolve their content approach, user acquisition planning, budgeting and goals, and overall creative strategy. Using proprietary data profiles, USM can help you reach and engage your target audience. As part of building a tailored strategy Union Square Media also assists with full funnel optimization, from ad click to presell to landing page.

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USM employs a holistic brand development strategy that starts with understanding your brand and its needs. To protect your brand, USM delivers high-quality traffic and targeted global reach while following strict compliance and quality assurance standards. By identifying primary and secondary target audiences, USM is able to develop, optimize, and establish a social media presence that works flawlessly in conjunction with any traditional media efforts.

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Media Buying

With expertise in both native and social media buying, USM connects advertisers to Tier 1 platforms and a vast network of native publishers across North America and Europe, including popular sites like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Time. A frontrunner in the native advertising industry, USM excels at finding the right combination of creatives and audience targeting to achieve success, spending more than $15 mm on native last year and a projected $15 mm on social channels in 2019.

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Content Creation

USM’s in-house creative team offers the insight and design experience to create impactful campaigns. From images to headlines to longform written content, the creative team can advise and assist you in every aspect of your campaign, helping you optimize performance for A/B testing and increase conversions, clickthrough, and open rates.

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Owned and Operated

Powered by proprietary technology, USM’s owned and operated properties provide leads across multiple verticals, including solar energy and home, auto, and life insurance. Having invested 7 figures in traffic, optimization, and technology for these properties, USM knows how to optimize landing pages and sales funnels to drive traffic. An emerging brand, Union Square Media uses its cutting-edge technology and media-customized funnels to serve prime consumers in all 50 states.

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Union Square Media’s in-house development and design teams build the technology that allows us to launch our own traffic sources, automate various processes, and assist with customer acquisition.

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