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Union Square Media’s primary objective is to increase your customer base with sustainable marketing strategies while feeding back information that helps you make smarter management decisions that will accelerate the growth of your business. We thrive on responsible marketing to bring increase to brand awareness, sales and revenue, and actionable intelligence to further propel your business.

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We’ll help you find new customers beyond the typical marketing reach and with less risk than traditional media buys. We have the in-house ability to reach 84.7% of the U.S. consumer market across multiple media channels, as well as penetration in over 25 countries. Our highly responsive and carefully managed audience reach results in not only ROI positive solutions for the performance-minded marketer, but at a scale of customers and results several times larger than what traditional marketing can provide.

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There is no cookie cutter solution to brand creation and management. Whether it's a new brand or an existing brand looking to grow, we dig deep to understand our clients' vision to determine key drivers for growth. Managed out of our Brand Creation division, we then formulate a custom strategy for execution utilizing our other relevant in-house divisions of Design, Technology, Reach and Campaign Development to meet client objectives. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk, with a proven track record of success to show for it. From the creation and realization of start-ups to the management of highly successful national and international brands, we have the insight and experience to achieve and exceed brand creation expectations.

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Our proprietary technology speaks for itself in the marketing results we deliver.

Our performance-based advertising platform enables a multitude of ROI positive solutions for brands and marketers. We offer targeting on any number of behavioral, demographic, geographic variables and combinations as well as sophisticated attribution tracking to know where leads came from and what contributed to each conversion. Our long standing history in digital marketing has afforded us an incredibly rich database of customer behavior and customer interest data. We have observed a wealth of learnings over the internet and are more than willing to utilize that data to benefit anyone that work with us. Our dedication to long term relationships means we’ll do all we can to keep advertisers, publishers, and potential customers harmoniously happy with seamless and well targeted advertising and measurable results.

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