Mission Statement

Develop, interface and evolve proprietary technologies with leading advertising platforms to minimize the cost of
connecting buyers and sellers online and provide that value risk-free to our clients.

Our Services Are Truly Risk-Free

Clients propose how much to pay us per online "action".  "Actions" can be product sales transactions, service registrations or qualified leads, etc.  We accept if we determine we can meet the client-proposed terms. Once we get started, clients only pay the amount they proposed multiplied by the number of "actions" we fulfill.

Clients Include

Union Square Media

About Us

Union Square Media was founded 13 years ago by two Internet entrepreneurs to develop proprietary technology and procedures to grow and quickly scale clients' companies as they had done and continue to do for their own brands. USM serves Fortune 500 companies, top brands and internally owned and operated companies. The first USM office was opened in 2008 on Broadway Ave. at Union Square in New York City, thus the name, Union Square Media. Clients include: Prudential, AIG, Fidelity Life, Nestlé, Titos Handmade Vodka, Guthy-Renker, SUP ATX Paddle Boards, Quicken Loans, Dish Network, ADT, Experian, Tequila 512, Nutrisystem, Rosetta Stone, Match.com, Warby Parker, Airbnb, etc.

Union Square Media

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We are pleased to announce we have remained fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and have even hired and expanded in the last year. Prior to the pandemic, we operated primarily out of offices located in New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami. We have since repurposed those locations into hubs, having successfully transitioned to being 100% remote with over 100 employees and contract employees scattered across the United States, all working seamlessly together, more efficiently than ever, to deliver quantifiable net results to our clients.

Union Square Media Union Square Media
Union Square Media Union Square Media

Founding Partners



Josh is a passionate Internet entrepreneur who has the remarkable ability to identify large swaths of white space in the highly competitive world of digital marketing. Under Josh’s leadership, USM has launched Maximus Live, a proprietary native network media buying management tool that has processed over 250 million clicks and over 4 million sales transactions. And, Lenox Insurance Platform which has already gone double platinum by having generated over two million qualified insurance leads and growing. USM's digital media buying teams powered by tailored proprietary technologies have resulted in year-over-year growth and generated over a half billion dollars in revenue since inception.




Nick Matzorkis is an Internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur. He is a trailblazer in early web development and wireless Internet technologies. He is a managing partner of Global Agora and has founded companies traded on the NASDAQ and Shanghai stock exchanges. He created the first people search on the Internet and launched several ventures in the public records space. He was founder and chairman of InterAct Entertainment and executive produced Ziggy & Friends as well as many other entertainment ventures. More recently, Nick introduced and popularized the sport of stand up paddling as the founder of SUP ATX. He has been building brands online for nearly three decades.


We hope to hear from you...

We typically are able to quickly suss out in a brief voice or text exchange if there’s potentially a good fit in working together. Because our business model has us absorbing all the risk, we’re not interested in taking up your time or energy on anything but what we are confident would be a successful relationship. We offer unique, tailored approaches to meeting clients’ online objectives with a combination of efficiencies provided by proprietary technologies and human strategic know-how.....on a fixed, cost-per-action, no-risk basis to our clients. We enjoy the process of figuring out if we can make it work, so we hope to hear from you.

Marketing Automation

We’ve automated the most tedious aspects of media buying with Maximus, making our media buying team one of the most efficient in the industry. Developed in-house, Maximus is an all-in-one platform that allows us to manage campaigns across the biggest networks and gives one media buyer the power of ten.

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Media Buying

We’re ready to help you engage customers new and old. With expertise in native, social media buying, Snapchat, Google and YouTube, USM connects advertisers to Tier 1 platforms and a vast network of native publishers, including popular sites like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Time. USM excels at identifying core audiences, filming and photographing products and services, and connecting buyers and sellers in high volume, cost effectively, in ever-evolving large competitive marketplaces.

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Product Development

Union Square Media’s in-house product development and design team builds the technology that allows us to launch our own traffic sources, automate various processes, and assist with customer acquisition.

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Lenox Insurance Platform

The Lenox Insurance Platform is a turn-key solution for generating, managing, and optimizing quality, ready-to-close insurance exclusive leads directly to agents and carriers in real-time. Servicing agents and carriers across the country, our focus is to create the most seamless and unobtrusive user experience from the first click to policy being closed.

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I wanted to reach out to you guys to acknowledge your remarkable generation on the COVID-19 Vaccine study in such a short period of time. So much that we had to pause the study! With a small number of invalids compared to the overall volume, we are pleasantly surprised and very curious if that type of response repeatable.

When we get caught up with processing, do you think you could produce the same volume, and how long might it be sustainable? Any insight you are willing to give about your method of driving this traffic and your forecast for the future of this study is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your exceptional effort and performance. Looking forward to continuing our partnership
Union Square Media has been an integral partner for Guthy Renker’s online sales division. Their large digital reach has helped drive an immense amount of sales and new users to Guthy Renker products that otherwise would not have been acquired through other marketing means. Union Square Media truly listens to the needs of digital brands and delivers ROI positive results, while still providing a very personalized touch and transparent approach to business. Their expertise, knowledge and customer service is top notch.

Guthy Renker
I’ve had the opportunity of working and building a close relationship with both Sanford and Josh over the past few years. They are proactive with their optimization and management of campaigns, and are ALWAYS available and open to discuss new business strategies which grow both companies. It’s been a pleasure working with them and I look forward to our continued success together.

Michelle DeLeon

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