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Founding Partner

Josh is a passionate Internet entrepreneur who has the remarkable ability to identify large swaths of white space in the highly competitive world of digital marketing. Under Josh’s leadership, USM has launched Maximus Live, a proprietary native network media buying management tool that has processed over 250 million clicks and over 4 million sales transactions. And, Lenox Insurance Platform which has already gone double platinum by having generated over two million qualified insurance leads and growing. USM's digital media buying teams powered by tailored proprietary technologies have resulted in year-over-year growth and generated over a half billion dollars in revenue since inception.




Founding Partner

Nick Matzorkis is an Internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur. He is a trailblazer in early web development and wireless Internet technologies. He is a managing partner of Global Agora and has founded companies traded on the NASDAQ and Shanghai stock exchanges. He created the first people search on the Internet and launched several ventures in the public records space. He was founder and chairman of InterAct Entertainment and executive produced Ziggy & Friends as well as many other entertainment ventures. More recently, Nick introduced and popularized the sport of stand up paddling as the founder of SUP ATX. He has been building brands online for nearly three decades.



Neely Sanford Harrison II

SVP of Business Development

Alex Feldman

VP of Business Development

Zion Taber

Project Manager

Cynthia Gentry

Director of Operations
for Global Agora

Alexis Quijano-Siade

Senior Business
Development Executive


Senior Media Buyer

Lauren Campbell

Media Content Manager

Erin Anderson

Affiliate Managerr

Jen Bierman

VP, Publisher Partnerships

Emily McCarthy

Director, Native Advertising

Max Idas

Director, Social Media

Ginno Tasciat

Creative Designer

Corey Heller

Media Buyer of Paid Social

Kyjah Coryat

Senior Social Media Manager

Jerrard Johnson

Senior Media Buyer

Stephanie Record

Senior Media Buyer

Chase Varran

Senior Media Buyer

Matthew Mieszkalski Jr.

- Junior Media
Buyer, Meta

Shawn Estes


Michael Miller

Lead Engineer

Sudhakar Saranu

Network Support

Charles Connolly

Software Engineer II

Kate Hagan

OTTO Insurance
Director of Marketing

Taran Singh

Senior Media Buyer

Marissa Callahan

Media Operations

George Rivera

Senior Accountant Manager

Julian Massa

Junior Accountant

Hunter Gelsen

Senior Video Editor

Carolina Gal

Graphic Designer

Christine Bourie

Lead Developer

Rey Leal

Lead Engineer

Jorge Valdes

Lead Engineer

Danielle Vacca

Administrative Assistant

Isabel Forsman

Digital Media Coordinator

Ashley Berger

CPC Operational Manager

Sean Perry

Social Media Community Manager


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